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Show arrivals and departures of a specific ÖBB station
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ÖBB Station Board

Show arrivals and departures of a specific ÖBB station

Screenshot of the module in Action. Shows the name of the station and the next 4 connections.

Thanks to @mymro for creating the oebb-api which is used the get information for the stations.


  1. Clone the Repo into your MagicMirror modules folder git clone
  2. Install some node dependencies cd MMM-oebb-station-board && npm install --production
  3. Configure and enjoy


Property Description
stationNumber The number of the station. Can be determined with the helper script.
direction The number of the station in which the shown connection are heading. Can be determined with the helper script.
boardType Switch between dep for departure or arr for arrival. Default is dep.
maxConnections The maximum number of connections to show. Default is 4.
connectionTypes Filter the shown transportation types. See Connection Types for more. Shows all connections by default.

Get a station ID

To load data for you desired station you first need the ID of the station. The module includes a little helper to get this ID.

  1. Run npm install --production if you did not already.
  2. Run npm run stationFinder.
  3. Follow the instructions.

Connection Types

The connectionTypes property can be undefined to show all connections. To show only specific types pass an object with one or more of the following flags.

Property Description
Railjet Shows Railjet trains when true.
ECandICE Shows EC and ICE trains when true.
DandEuronightAndNightjet Shows D, Euronight and Nightjet trains when true.
Regional Shows regional trains when true.
SBahn Shows Schnellbahn trains when true.
Bus Shows Buses when true.
Subway Shows Subways when true.
Tram Shows Trams when true.
Westbahn Shows Westbahn trains when true.
AST Shows AST when true.

Planned Features

  • Combine multiple stations in one board
  • Combine multiple directions per station
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