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en Looking for Translators

The content on is produced in German, but we also have English-speaking readers, which is why we translate the original articles after they've been published.

If you find that an article hasn't been translated yet, you can help us out by submitting a translation, even if it's just a small part of an article! The steps below outline how to get the source in German and go about translating it to English. If your translation looks good (don't stress out, but please no machine translations) we'll give you credit on the translated page. You can find our email here:

We really appreciate all submissions!

This Github project contains the raw text content of, a site of two Germans living in San Francisco and blogging their experiences in a foreign country.

This repo helps the authors and translators of the site to collaborate. In the "de" subdirectory, you'll find the source of the German originals, in the "en" subdirectory, the English translations completed so far.

The files are named "000.txt", "001.txt", and so forth, reflecting the corresponding newsletter editions.


The content files use a specific markup language. There's only a few tags to remember, if you volunteer to translate a specific edition, please keep those tags intact, so that the automatic formatter can render the translation appropriately.

Also, please keep the paragraphs intact and use short lines, not exceeding 50 characters. This makes sure we can fix typos and get easy-to-read "diff" files.

The Pic Tag

Fotos embedded in the content are referenced by the pic tag:

<pic images/ German Text>

If you translate such a tag, please keep the image name and just translate the caption:

<pic images/ This is the English caption text.>

Also, as an exception to the 50-char limit on lines, please keep the tag and caption in a single line.

Emphasized Content

Content to be displayed in italics is marked up with the em tag:

Nun will ich ...

This is used often to indicate who wrote a specific paragraph.


Headlines start with the character sequence @Z: and should be kept intact:

@Z: Erdbeben

HTMLONLY and other tags

Occasionally, there's other tags being used for more obscure formatting, please keep those intact as well and keep corresponding tags (e.g. <RBLINK>...</RBLINK>) on one line, another exception to the 50-char limit rule above.

Finally ...

That's about it, thanks for your contributions and send us an email if you want to contribute. Email addresses are listed in the "Impressum" section of the site!

Mike and Angelika


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