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Speech Recognition Plugin for Reveal.js
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This plugin for reveal.js allows the presenter to control slides with his or her voice. Check out the demo.

How To Use

Copy speech.js from this repository into /plugin/speech and add it as a Reveal.js dependency:

  dependencies: [{src: "plugin/speech/speech.js" }]

Built-In phrases

There are a few default phrases you can say to control slide navigation:

  • "Goto Next" - Next slide
  • "Goto Previous" - Previous slide
  • "Goto Last" - Moves to the last slide of the presentation
  • "Goto First" - First slide of the presentation

These can also be modified.

Custom Speech Phrases

You can write define custom phrases to say to move to the next slide by applying a data-speech-next attribute to a <section> slide. Saying that attributes value will move to the next slide:

<section data-speech-next="movingalong">

You can also reveal fragments by attaching a data-speech attribute to the fragment element. Saying that attribute value will unhide the fragment if it is the next fragment to be shown.

  <h2>List of Delicious Things:</h2>
    <li class="fragment" data-speech="spaghetti">Spaghetti</li>
    <li class="fragment" data-speech="chicken">Chicken</li>
    <li class="fragment" data-speech="beer">Beer</li>


You can customize certain configuration variables of the the RevealSpeech object using the configuration() method after loading the plugin:

  dependencies: [{
    src: "plugin/speech/speech.js",
    callback: function() {
        nextKeyword: 'nextslide',     // default gotonext
        prevKeyword: 'previousslide', // default gotoprevious
        lastKeyword: 'lastslide',     // default gotolast
        firstKeyword: 'firstslide',   // default gotofirst
        debug: true,                  // default false
        lang: 'de-DE'                 // default ''

More info on the lang attribute can be found here.

Browser Support

As of 2016-09-11, speech recognition interfaces are only supported in Chrome 33+ and Firefox 49+. Check here for more detail on browser capability.

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