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Voting API with basic match CAPTCHA.
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A Grape/Goliath API for tracking votes. With simple math captcha!

  1. Vote is created.
  2. API asks a simple math question (What's 2+2?).
  3. If user answers correctly. Vote is counted in poll.

Very simple rate limiting by IP address.


See a live demo: Mathy-Poll on Heroku




Clone the repo:

 git clone
 cd Mathy-Poll

Install gems:

 bundle install

Setup the database:

 rake db:setup

Start the server!

 ruby server.rb -vs

Deploy to Heroku:

Create a new app.

heroku apps:create APPNAMEHERE

Run migrations

heroku run rake db:migrate RACK_ENV=production

Check out your new poll on heroku!

API Documentation:

Create a new Vote

http POST

This will return the vote id and the math question:

    "id": 7, 
    "question": "What's 13+3?"

Now to confirm your vote... answer the question by POSTing to /vote/confirm/:id/:answer.

http POST

If your math is correct, the vote will be confirmed.

    "message": "Thanks for voting!"

Get number of votes

To see how many votes there are for contestant #1.

http GET

And it will return:

    "votes": 4

Performance Specs on Heroku

Goliath/Grape handles high loads really well. This has been tested at 200-300 requests per second on a single Heroku dyno.

1 Dyno:

Transactions:              12715 hits
Availability:              99.99 %
Elapsed time:              59.85 secs
Data transferred:          0.13 MB
Response time:            0.44 secs
Transaction rate:          212.45 trans/sec
Throughput:              0.00 MB/sec
Concurrency:                94.16
Successful transactions:    12715
Failed transactions:        1
Longest transaction:        11.56
Shortest transaction:      0.08

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