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An automated file manager for Windows

  • Platform: Windows (XP and later)
  • Language(s): AutoHotkey, NSIS (for the installer)
  • License: GPL v3

See LICENSE.txt for licensing details.

#How to build the installer manually.

  1. Clone the repo: git clone git://
  2. Download and install NSIS
  3. Download KIllProc plug-in for NSIS
  4. Download and install Microsoft HTML Help Workshop 1.3.
  5. Download and install AutoHotkey_L.
  6. Download and install Compile_AHK.
  7. Compile Belvedere.ahk with Compile_AHK(in the root of the repo) and move the .exe into the /installer directory.
  8. Compile /help/Belvedere Help.hhp with HTML Help Workshop and move the .chm to the /installer directory.
  9. Compile /installer/install.nsi
  10. Make sure to test the installer.

#How to build the installer automatically.

  1. Run build.ahk
  2. Find the installer in the /dist directory.

#How to run.

  1. Download the installer -or-
  2. Install AutoHotkey and run Belvedere.ahk.


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