Graph RFCs (Request for Comments) and their relationships
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rfcgraph is a simple Python script that uses Graphviz to generate a very large graph showing the relations between RFCs.

rfcgraph full

rfcgraph zoom

Green arrows indicate an update:

  • "RFCx → RFCy" is read as "RFCx is updated by RFCy".

Red arrows indicate an obsoletion:

  • "RFCx → RFCy" is read as "RFCx is obsoleted by RFCy".



To run rfcgraph, you'll need to get a copy of the RFC index XML file rfc-index.xml from Then run:

./ -h

to see the usage.

Note that rfcgraph and graphviz are very memory intensive. On the order of 2-2.5GB of RAM is needed to generate the full graph.