Scientist mode experimental #1

wants to merge 20 commits into


None yet

All changes worked well in tests. Noprocrast is a pretty amazing thing - it boosted subject's work efficiency from 2% to 46%.

schwa commented Feb 13, 2011

I see you left in male nipples. Will this bug ever get fixed?


You sure this won't leak?


It does not (in 37 out of 42 tests).


Could you please make it to where the desired effect could be reached via cognition? It's not always possible for the subject to reach coffee, depending on the circumstance.


Will think about that for the next release, thanks.

You'll have to pardon my ignorance here, this isn't my field at all, but this is a joke, right? We can't really be that exact with this DNA, can we?


It's not my either. It is a joke. Anyway, being exact depends on what you look for. Reaction to caffeine probably isn't encoded directly in the DNA, but some diseases might be caused by specific genes. We can track down the latter. The main problem is that the whole analysis is currently read-only; ie. we can't really modify DNA of a live patient.

Reality is far simpler, only two edits are warranted.
Reaction to caffeine IS encoded directly in the DNA.

Manu has
rs762551 AA
causing his body to breakdown caffeine at the typical speed. But if he were instead CC his body would do that more slowly requiring fewer trips to the coffee machine and toilet.

He's also
rs5751876 TT
and the scientific paper
tells us that as a result he feels more 'jittery' after drinking coffee than most people. So you might want to change that to the more common CC form.

All of this comment is real and verifiable at the various PMIDs mentioned at

You can learn this and much more by reading the file at
Then clicking on 'Medicines ...more...' then 'Caffeine ...more...'

As for "we can't really modify DNA of a live patient" -- we do that too.


Thanks for your insight! Your research helped us to improve the subject. See commit f45149a .

@TeMPOraL @caraiso Good call. I made a similar bugfix in @kennethreitz's genome: bobthecow/kennethreitz-genome@1cdf8ab

poswald commented Feb 13, 2011

I wouldn't merge these changes without some test cases.

zeroeth commented Feb 13, 2011


Scenario: Bipedal walking
  Given that I have two legs
  When I put my right foot forward
  Then I should travel some distance
  And I should not fall over

This fails for my tail recursion tests. I noted that the subject had an actual vestigial tail, attached to another tail, etc.

cariaso commented Feb 13, 2011

The changes above are humorous. The changes at are real.


@cariaso now that is funny


I would advise to add more resistance to RSI from using EMACS or related editors. This could also improve his speeds when working with other technologies.


Hah, brilliant :)


Nice idea; I'll look for that and try to include in the next release.

New release, with things that were promised. Share and Enjoy ;).


I'm interested in porting this over to my current bear-pig platform. Any potential gotchas I should be on the lookout for?

ghost commented Feb 15, 2011

this is highlarious!!! :)

craic commented Feb 15, 2011


jkopel commented Feb 17, 2011

Any chance of removing redundant and unused code? It is taking 9 months to compile every time.


Hard to tell... it's mostly compiler fault that causes such long build times. I think we should improve the build process.


References to Evolution.Bipedal causes a bottleneck during object creation. Sadly we can't avoid this, we kinda need it.

In some far-off future build, we could hopefully work around this, by piping the build objects through the TestTube framework (instead of the current Gestation framework).

+1 for this! :-)


I suggest removing the code for redundant limbs and appendages to speed up build time.


see background at b17a5c0#commitcomment-272600


Be sure to implement error checking to avoid potential vulnerability to a stack smash.


Let's just take a part from another genome


Dose not pass static analyzer.

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