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ADEL - Android Data Extractor Lite

This Python script dumps all important SQLite Databases from a connected Android smartphone to the local disk and analyzes these files in a forensically accurate workflow. If no smartphone is connected you can specify a local directory which contains the databases you want to analyze. Afterwards this script creates a clearly structured XML report.

If you connect a smartphone you need a rooted and insecure kernel or a custom recovery installed on the smartphone.

ADEL needs a predefined configuration for each device to work proper. This configuration has to be added in the following file:


As an example we added the configuration for the Samsung Galaxy S2 running Android 2.3.3, more phone configurations will follow.

Example for the use of ADEL with a connected smartphone: -d device -l 4

Example for the use of ADEL with database backups: -d /home/user/backup -l 4


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