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Source code and tools of the original Mobile-Sandbox release (outdated)
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Within this repo you can find some tools and patches for well-known tools which we are using within the Mobile-Sandbox project as well as the source code of the most important modules of the system.

  • API:

    Here you can find the API to interact with the next generation version of the Mobile-Sandbox.

  • AV:

    Here you can find the module to connect the Mobile-Sandbox to VirusTotal

  • Backend:

    Here you can find the Mobile-Sandbox backend (Django)

  • DroidBox 2.3:

    Here you can find custom patches for the 2.3 version of DroidBox

  • DroidBox 4.1.1:

    Here you can find a working version of DroidBox 4.1.1. With this version you do not need to build and patch the whole android system yourself.

  • DroidBox Scripts:

    Here you can find some helpful scripts and tools to work with DroidBox (e.g., anti-detection for DroidBox 4.1.1)

  • DroidLyzer:

    Here you can find the static analyzer of the Mobile-Sandbox.

  • DroidMS:

    Here you can find the dynamic analysis module of the Mobile-Sandbox.