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All-Rules Mail Bundle

This is a bundle acting as a plug-in for Apple's Mail application serving just one specific purpose. It provides an additional menu item located under "Message -> Apply All Rules" which applies all active rules to the currently selected messages while ignoring any present "Stop evaluating rules" action.

This can be useful to model additional rules, which are only evaluated explicitly when triggered by this bundle, but not automatically on all received mail.


The source of the bundle is available at GitHub as a standard Xcode project. Feel free to adapt it to your needs if necessary. I will also try to provide precompiled binaries from time to time for those of you who just want to use it out of the box.


This bundle was tested using several environments up to and including the following, but might just as well work with similar versions. Let me know of your findings.

  • Mac OS X Mountain Lion 10.8.4
  • Apple Mail 6.5
  • Message Framework 6.5

Related Bundles:

The same (and more) could be done with Indev's Mail Act-On bundle, unfortunately that bundle is sold under a commercial license. With my bundle I cloned the essential feature which was indispensable for my personal use.


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