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yarp: yet another registry parser

1. Project goals: the library and tools

- Parse Windows registry files in a proper way (with forensics in mind).
- Expose values of all fields of underlying registry structures.
- Support for truncated registry files and registry fragments.
- Support for recovering deleted keys and values.
- Support for carving of registry hives.
- Support for transaction log files.

2. Hive version numbers supported

- Full support: 1.1-1.6.
- No support: 1.0.

In general, full support is available for hive files from installations of
Windows NT 3.1 and later versions of Windows NT (including Windows 10);
hive files from installations of pre-release versions of Windows NT 3.1 are
not supported.

3. Documentation

See the docstrings in the module.
For usage examples, see the 'Example' and 'Example.Advanced' files.

4. License

This project is made available under the terms of the GNU GPL, version 3.
See the 'License' file.

5. Installation

# pip3 install

(c) Maxim Suhanov