WWDC17 Scholarship winner. Music Playground is a fun musical experience made with Swift Playgrounds. More info in the README.
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Music Playground

Created by Mitchell Sweet

This playground was created for a WWDC 17 Scholarship submission.


Music Playground is an interactive Swift playground for creating simple music.

Circles are melody, squares are bass, and rectangles are drums. Select a shape, add it to the playground, and it will start bouncing. Add barriers by selecting the barrier object and dragging a line with your finger or trackpad. Each time a shape hits a wall or barrier, it will play its sound. Add multiple shapes and barriers to make cool beats.


Music Playground was created with SpriteKit. User Interface elements were created with UIKit. Graphics were created with Sketch.


Feel free to download the source from this repo and make pull requests to make Music Playground better. However, please do not post the project anywhere else without permission from and giving credit to Mitchell Sweet.

Copyright © 2017 Mitchell Sweet