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Mautic Plivo Plugin

Plivo SMS Transport Integration for >= Mautic 2.13 Integration is just another SMS transport along with core Twillio, Slooce SMS Transport or MessageBird SMS Integration

For more info about Plivo follow

Installation by console

  1. composer require mtcextendee/mautic-plivo-bundle
  2. php app/console mautic:plugins:reload

Manual installation is not allowed, because dependency on plivo-sdk library.


  1. Go to Mautic > Settings > Plugins
  2. You should see new Plivo integration
  3. Active integration and setup it

  1. Authentication credentials can be found at
  2. Then go to Configuration > Text message settings and select Plivo SMS as default transport to use

  1. For more info about text message Mautic support, follow docs

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