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version 2.3 (in devel)
- replaced mapview by leafsync
- see github issue list
version 2.2
- improved tm_rgb
- improved breaks in interactive maps
- added bbox argument to qtm
- improved projection shortcut codes (using EPSG database)
- fixed several bugs (see github)
version 2.1-1
- fixed two small bugs
version 2.1
- added option max.raster (maximum raster size)
- made rasters in view mode faster
- bug fixed for geometry collection objects without data in view mode
- improved handling of manual palettes
- tmap_arrange can take a list of tmap objects
version 2.0
- [!] tmap migrated from sp to sf. sp objects are still supported, but all internal functions are based on sf
- [!] added tm_sf which draws sf objects
- [!] renamed all xxx_tmap functions (e.g. save_tmap) to tmap_xxx for consistency
- [!] added tm_basemap and tm_tiles: now, multiple (overlay) tiled maps can be shown
- [!] rearranged tmap options, styles and formats. See tmap_options, tmap_style, tmap_format, tm_style and tm_format
- [!] added filter argument to tm_shape and added colorNULL to layer functions
- added tm_minimap
- added remove.NA.facets to tm_facets
- units data columns are supported
- tmap_animation enhanced with loop options
- added tmap_tips()
- all changes are backwards compatible with 1.11-2
- vignettes rewritten, including a vignette that describes the changes of 2.0
version 1.11-2
- added references to JSS paper (including citation)
version 1.11-1
- fixed bug in labels argument of tm_fill
- fixed bug regarding legend symbols in facets with free scales
- fixed bug in rasters in view mode
- improved popup width in view mode
version 1.11
- added text.align and to legend.format
- legend.(aes).reverse added to the layer functions
- symbol shapes can be put in a list for small multiples, and named according the values of the variable specified with the shape argument
- grid labels can now be rotated and formatted
- changed default values of free.coords and drop.units in tm_facets
- fixed bug with all NA's in view mode
- fixed bug with dismo::gmap raster shapes
- fixed bug for ambiguous values for aesthetics (e.g. when "blue" is also a variable name)
- NOTE: this will be the last version before the major update (in which sf fully replaces sp)
version 1.10
- [!] tm_scale_bar, tm_text, and tm_grid now supported in view mode (required leaflet 1.1.0)
- added along argument to tm_facets, which enables facetting along multiple pages (or animation frames)
- added main.title argument to tm_layout
- added tmap_options, including the new option tmap.unit ("metric" or "imperial"")
- improved automatic labeling of breaks
- improved legend in view mode: missing values are shown by default (like in plot mode)
- improved bubble scaling in view mode
- fixed bug aspect ratio bug
version 1.8-1
- added tm_rgb (shortcut for rgb rasters)
- fixed interactive maps in rmarkdown
- fixed bug in qtm called without arguments
version 1.8
- [!] package split: non-plotting functions migrated to tmaptools
- added tmap_arrange for arranging custom small multiples
- added simplify argument to tm_shape
- added error message for NA-projected shapes in view mode
- improved unit handling, which now can be set to metric or imperial
- NA values allowed in direct color variables
- sf (simple features) objects supported
version 1.6-1
- improved projections: code is more efficient now and shortcuts are renewed. Also, CRS objects are now supported for all project arguments (e.g. tm_shape, set_projection), and as.CRS is added to get_projection and get_proj4.
- Rscript works: methods is moved from imports to depends
version 1.6
- [!] tm_symbols added, to create proportional symbol maps: besides bubbles, it also supports other symbol shapes, png icons, and small ggplot2 plots
- [!] imported cartogram function from cartogram package (tnx Sebastian!)
- [!] reverse geocoding function rev_geocode_OSM added
- [!] tm_logo added
- added popup.vars to base layer functions
- bounding box (argument bbox in tm_shape) working in view mode
- geocode_OSM improved: a SpatialPointsDataFrame can now be returned
- last_map added, which retrieves the last produced map
- crop_shape can also handle polygons as cropping area
- append_data improved; the under and over coverage information can be retrieved with under_coverage and over_coverage
- interpolate parameter added to tm_rasters
- added support for custom legend formating functions
- legend items can now be stacked horizontally
- legend width and height can be determined fully manually (with negative values for legend.height and legend.width)
- argument interval.closure added to layer functions to determine where intervals are closed
- added warnings for non-supported elements in view mode
- fixed raster brick bug
- fixed save_tmap/get_asp_ratio bug
version 1.4-1
- add just argument as anchor for text labels, legend and attributes position
- map attributes (such as scale bar) can be placed outside the frame
- added tm_xlab and tm_ylab
- RGB raster support, see tm_raster
- static text (i.e titles, credits, legend titles, labels) support expressions
- updated Europe shape: projection and boundig box are now consistent with Eurostat publications
- added crop_shape, a convenient wrapper around raster::crop
version 1.4
- [!] interactive mapping added. Now, tmap has two modes: "plot" (graphics device) and "view" (interactive viewer, which is a leaflet widget)
- [!] facets (small multiples) improved: group by two variables possible, panel layout added, missing data can be shown separately
- added geocode_OSM, a function to find coordinates
- improved set_projection for raster objects
- added double_line and offset_line
- added insets option in save_tmap
- improved default settings for contrast arugment regarding seq and div palettes
- improved automatic positions of legend and map attributes (more specifically, legend snaps to righthand-side without need to adjust legend.width, and legend and attributes position improved when double frame is enabled)
- improved tm_layouts's design.mode output
- lwd parameter added to tm_scale_bar and tm_compass
- fixed bb bug
version 1.2-1
- fixed bug with PROJ.4 version < 4.9.1
- improved error messages
- rd projection reset to +init=epsg:28992, since the latter now has a +towgs item
- fixed bug of print.tmap returned object
version 1.2
- added read_osm, a function to read Open Street Map data
- added bb, a handy bounding box function
- added layout themes with tm_style and tm_format
- added automatic text labeling
- added interactive SVG, that can be opend in RStudio (see itmap)
- added map compass (tm_compass)
- added text aesthetics size and col
- added automatic map coloring
- added earth boundary, which is useful for projected world maps
- added warped grid lines (e.g. long-lat lines can be shown in projected maps)
- added new color scale modes (enabled with style="cat", "cont", and "order")
- added save_tmap
- added smooth_map, smooth_raster_cover, sample_dots, points_to_raster and poly_to_raster
- added read_GPX
- improved automatic layout regarding title, legend, and map attributes
- layer arguments, e.g. palette, can take multiple values for small multiples
- improved grid lines (labels can also be placed outside frame)
- arguments free.coords and drop.shapes of tm_facets working
- updated examples and vignette
- fixed viewport bug
- see ?tmap for a structured overview of all tmap functions
version 1.0
- added tm_credits and tm_scale_bar
- added is.master argument to tm_shape, that determines which shape is the master
- added unit and unit.size arguments to tm_shape that correlates the coordinates with the desired units
- added tm_polygons, which is a combination of tm_fill and tm_borders
- fixed several small bugs
version 0.8
- added tm_raster
- improved legend behaviour: legend titles should be set in the layer functions (instead of in tm_layout)
- removed crop_shape, since raster::crop does the same job, but, but faster
- out-of-scope functions migrated to spatialToolbox package, available on
version 0.7.1
- fixed big in scale parameter (global scale set in tm_layout)
version 0.7
- enhanced small multiples (tm_facets) with respect to scaling and free coordinate scales
- added alpha argument to tm layers for transparency
- added text shadow argument
- added function split to split a shape object and sbind to combine shape objects.
- added automatic legend positioning when legend.position=NULL
- improved number formatting in legend
- improved inner.margins and outer.margins. Both can take one value (e.g. outer.margins=0 rather than outer.margins=c(0,0,0,0))
- improved qtm: tm_facets parameters working, and also fixed scale parameter bug
- improved all examples for approx_areas, calc_densities
- fixed bug regarding drawing a frame with outer.margins=0.
- fixed bug in plotting blubbles
- improved temp file handling in animation_tmap
- added functions to get and set polygon directions, and to calculate the intersection ratios of polygons (intersection_shapes)
version 0.6
- this is the the first CRAN version
- a newer version may be available on
- to get started, see the package vignette 'tmap in a nutshell' and the help files
- if you have any questions or suggestions, please contact me (mtennekes at gmail dot com)
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