A (hopefully) easy way to get started with Mirage by using Vagrant
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A (hopefully) easy way to get started with Mirage by using Vagrant.

Getting started

  1. Fork this repo
  2. Install VirtualBox
  3. Install Vagrant
  4. Generate and download an X509 certificate from AWS. Put them in the puppet folder.
  5. Edit puppet/default.pp and change AMAZON_CERT_NAME to match the common part of the filename for the key/certificate you downloaded
  6. Fill in all your EC2 access information in puppet/setup.sh
  7. Run vagrant up
  8. Run vagrant ssh
  9. In your vm, cd /vagrant
  10. Run puppet/setup.sh. Wait. Drink some coffee.
  11. Run make && make run
  12. Visit localhost:8080 on the host machine--you should see "test" as the response

Deploy to Amazon

  1. Run vagrant ssh
  2. cd /vagrant
  3. make deploy
  4. ec2-run-instances [AMI THAT WAS OUTPUT WITH LAST COMMAND]


Thanks to @avsm for his work on helping me get started with mirage and anyone else who has worked on mirage or mirage-www.