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A simple web service for storing text log files


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A minimalist web service for uploading and sharing log files.

LogPaste animated demo


  • Accept text uploads from command-line, JavaScript, and web UI
  • Simple to deploy
    • Runs in a single Docker container
    • Fits in the free tier of Heroku
  • Easy database management
    • Syncs persistent data to any S3-compatible cloud storage provider
  • Customizable UI without changing source code


Run LogPaste

From source

PORT=3001 go run cmd/logpaste/main.go

From Docker

To run LogPaste within a Docker container, mount a volume from your local system to store the LogPaste sqlite database.

docker run \
  -e "PORT=3001" \
  -p 3001:3001/tcp \
  --volume "${PWD}/data:/app/data" \
  --name logpaste \

From Docker + cloud data replication

If you specify settings for an S3 bucket, LogPaste will use Litestream to automatically replicate your data to S3.

You can kill the container and start it later, and it will restore your data from the S3 bucket and continue as if there was no interruption.


docker run \
  -e "PORT=3001" \
  -p 3001:3001/tcp \
  --name logpaste \

Some notes:

  • Only run one Docker container for each S3 location
    • LogPaste can't sync writes across multiple instances.

With custom site settings

LogPaste offers some options to customize the text for your site. Here's an example that uses a custom title, subtitle, and footer:

docker run \
  -e "PORT=3001" \
  -p 3001:3001/tcp \
  --name logpaste \
  mtlynch/logpaste \
  -title 'My Cool Log Pasting Service' \
  -subtitle 'Upload all your logs for FooBar here' \
  -footer '<h2>Notice</h2><p>Only cool users can share logs here.</p>' \
  -showdocs=false \
  -perminutelimit 5


Command-line flags

Flag Meaning Default Value
-title Title to display on homepage "LogPaste"
-subtitle Subtitle to display on homepage "A minimalist, open-source debug log upload service"
-footer Footer to display on homepage (may include HTML)
-showdocs Whether to display usage documentation on homepage true
-perminutelimit Number of pastes to allow per IP per minute 0 (no limit)
-maxsize Max file size users can upload 2 (2 MiB)

Docker environment variables

You can adjust behavior of the Docker container by passing these parameters with docker run -e:

Environment Variable Meaning
PORT TCP port on which to listen for HTTP connections (defaults to 3001)
LP_BEHIND_PROXY Set to y if running behind an HTTP proxy to improve logging
DB_REPLICA_URL S3 URL where you want to replicate the LogPaste datastore (e.g., s3://
LITESTREAM_REGION AWS region where your S3 bucket is located
LITESTREAM_ACCESS_KEY_ID AWS access key ID for an IAM role with access to the bucket where you want to replicate data.
LITESTREAM_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY AWS secret access key for an IAM role with access to the bucket where you want to replicate data.

Docker build args

If you rebuild the Docker image from source, you can adjust the build behavior with docker build --build-arg:

Build Arg Meaning Default Value
litestream_version Version of Litestream to use for data replication v0.3.9


LogPaste is easy to deploy to cloud services. Here are some places it works well:

Further reading