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Cocoa Enhanced


Cocoa Enhanced is a clean, fast, and responsive Hugo theme with cool typography. The main goal of this theme is to be simple and fast but also highly customizable.

A demo is available here.

This is a fork from the original Cocoa theme, with some improvements.


Table of Contents


  • Possibility to have sections with a header and a list of articles.
  • Possibility to have single pages.
  • Homepage with latest and best posts.
  • Syntax highlighting with hightlightjs.
  • Progressive images.
  • Twitter cards support.
  • Disqus and Isso support.
  • LaTeX support with MathJax (use .mmark).


The typography is what makes Cocoa-EH look cool. The fonts used are:

  • Nexa Bold for the blog name, a strong and opinionated font
  • Raleway for the titles, light but clearly visible
  • Merriweather for the text, an awesome sans serif font to read without difficulties
  • Ubuntu Mono for the code

Blazing fast

Everything is made here to make the theme really fast to load: inline CSS, deferred Javascript, fonts loaded in an asynchronous way with replacement fonts when they're not loaded, etc. ... Even with a GPRS connection, your blog is readable.

With gzip enabled, this theme takes less than 400ms to load entirely, and the content is readable at only 50ms. Also scores 99/100 on Pagespeed.

Differences from the original Cocoa

This theme is less minimalist than the original Cocoa, with some new features :

  • Displays a logo on the side of the header, and there is a title different from the author name.
  • Very modular with sections and single pages.
  • Group articles by month and year.
  • Progressive images.
  • Fonts are different : stronger and sharper, with a clear identity.
  • The font size in articles is higher, the text justified and lines are more spaced.
  • and more...

Getting Started

From the root of your Hugo site, clone the theme into themes/cocoa-eh by running:

git clone themes/cocoa-eh

Then, generate your site's files by running:

hugo -t cocoa-eh

If you want a simple blog you can just use the exampleSite. The wiki includes helpful details should you need more.


Licensed under the MIT License. See the LICENSE file for more details.


A enhanced version of Cocoa. Clean, fast, and responsive theme with cool typography.








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