A collection of non-Ruby clients for Halcyon applications.
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= Halcyon
== Clients

This repository is specifically for providing numerous non-Ruby clients for
Halcyon applications. This is useful for when you have several non-Ruby apps
you'd like to connect to a Halcyon application for some specific task.

For example, you may have some legacy PHP applications that need to pull some
data from an Oracle database but you have LDAP already installed (and if you
are familiar with PHP, you may realize that this is actually a problem), you
can offload the task to a Ruby application as well as use the Halcyon app to
centralize numerous other similar tasks for other applications as well.

== Repository

The Client repository is also located at GitHub. To get access to the clients,
clone the repository like so:

  $ git clone git://github.com/mtodd/halcyon-clients.git

The web address for the repository is http://github.com/mtodd/halcyon-clients.

== Contributions

* Chris Hansen, contributed the Java client
* Ben Simpson, bug fixes for the PHP client

== Authors

* Matt Todd <chiology@gmail.com>

Also, see Contributions.

== License

All clients are licensed under the MIT License unless otherwise noted.

The license can be read at http://www.opensource.org/licenses/mit-license.php.