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Quantity Drop Downs
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Quantity Dropdowns

What if we need to sell in case packs and we don’t want people to be able to break up our wholesale inventory? Well you can force their selection by using a dropdown for quantity.

First we make a new product template, we are calling this one case-packs-of-six:

You can make as many of these as you need/like.

Then we copy over the original product liquid and we edit the quantity function.

Here’s the original code: (This will vary based on your theme)

Here’s our code to make a dropdown:

Quantity (units in case pack increments)

{% for i in (1..12) %} {{ i | times:6 }} {% endfor %}

Now people can only pick quantities from 6-72 at a multiple of 6.

Checkout Minimums

What if your client wants a minimum order total? Well that’s a simple liquid fix. Let’s say we want at least a $200 dollar subtotal otherwise we don’t want them to be able to check out.

If they don’t have a sufficient subtitle the checkout button isn’t visible. We can of course style this and make it more pronounced but this is the basics.

If they have more than the minimum in their cart then they can checkout normally.

Here’s the liquid update to the cart.liquid search for the “submit” input and put this liquid code above it and add the “{%endif%}” directly after.

{% if customer.tags contains 'Wholesale' and cart.total_price < 20000 %}

Your wholesale total must be $200 or more.

{% else %} {% endif %}