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Franklin RepRap driver

This is software for controlling a RepRap 3-D printer, created by the Michigan Technological University Open Sustainable Technology Lab (MOST).

Please see the wiki on github for up to date information.


On a Debian or Debian-based system, you can build and install the program by running make.

On other Unix-based systems you need to build and install the files manually.

For information on how the build system works, please refer to the Makefile and this page. You do not need to read this in order to run the build.

I tried to keep the code as portable as possible. It should work on any system except Windows[1]. The automatic device detection relies on udev, so that will only work on GNU/Linux. It can be used without it, but the automatic reconnect feature will not work.

[1] I use a separate process for each printer and they communicate over standard input and standard output. I need to use select on standard input, and Windows doesn't support that. The only way to make it work on Windows would be to use threads. I've had such bad experience with that, that I will never use them again. However, if you run this host on a Debian server, Windows should have no trouble connecting to it and using it.