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@mtwilliams5 mtwilliams5 released this Aug 6, 2017

  • Updated all code to be PHP5.5 compliant.
  • Significant bug fixes
  • Removed reliance on nested tables, using div tags instead
  • Including Bootstrap to enable some minimal responsive layouts
  • Basic anti-spam measures included in registration script and application forms
  • Updated to include more HTML5-compliant coding practices, and added HTTPS support to internal links
  • Replaced hard-coded references to the fleet name and admin ship IDs to pull from the config file instead
  • Database connections set to utf8 by default
  • Implicitly pulled in $_GET and $_POST content, which was assumed previously (and must have broken in a subsequent PHP update)
  • Multiple style Updates
  • New scripts for OPM - Deleted Characters list, character audit (for players with more than the max allowed) and Lost Souls
  • Added more OPM options for searching for characters
  • Added audit function into userlevels management
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