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Implementing if in Ruby without using keywords.
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See "Implementing if in Ruby" for more information.


This library is tested on Ruby 1.8.7 and later but benefits from Ruby 1.9's hash and lambda literal syntax.

"truthy".if -> { "I'm true!" }, else: -> { "I'm false!" }
# vs.
"truthy".if proc { "I'm true!" }, :else => proc { "I'm false!" }


require "if"

"Some truthy object".if -> { "I'm true!" }, else: -> { "I'm false!" }
#=> "I'm true!"

nil.if -> { "I'm true!" }, else: -> { "I'm false!" }
#=> "I'm false!"

# Or, if you only care about side-effects and not return value:

"Some truthy object"
  .if_true { puts "I'm true!" }
  .if_false { puts "I'm false!" }
# "I'm true!"
#=> "Some truthy object"

  .if_true { puts "I'm true!" }
  .if_false { puts "I'm false!" }
# "I'm false!"
#=> nil


Copyright © 2015 Paul Mucur

Distributed under the MIT License.

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