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This is a Virtual Name Proxy written in Perl using the Mojolicious Framework.

What it does

Reads Yaml files that contains instructions on redirect and handles HTTP(S ?) request on a given port and forward each request to the configured host . Every request it's logged in the vhproxy.log file

Useful in a situation where you have 20 or 30 mojo (lite, i hope) apps running in more VMs or ports where you couldn't use lighttpd,apache, nginx... You just set up your dns to your proxy(s) and you are ready to go. Personally i use this software on the same machine and on a totally private network (think a little bit at security :) )


  • First install cpanm. cpan App::cpanminus
  • Clone the repository and run cpanm --installdeps .


VHProxy will look for configuration files in $HOME/.vhproxy, /etc/vhproxy and under config/ in the same path of the program. Every path can have other subs, so you can have more configuration files located on more directories.

Configuration files are in YAML, there is a self-explanatory example file under config/ See the Configuration Page for help.


Just run it with morbo or hypnotoad. ``` hypnotoad vhproxy````

use morbo to see what happens.


It's not intended to be a big software, i just use it in my own small (dev) environments to setup a proxy whenever i need to (leveraging Mojo Hypnotoad fork capabilities). Don't be afraid to open an issue or contact me by email.