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Library for EA-DOG LCDs, including font-generator (also usable with color LCD) Further information and discussion (in german) can be found at:

The library works with various EA-DOG LCDs (see below) and ILI9341-based colour LCD using AVR microcontrollers. A version to be used with Arduino and e.g. a ESP8266 module is available in .


dogm-graphic .c/.h

Provides all basic functions to access the display for

  • EA-DOGS102 GLCD (102px x 64px)
  • EA-DOGM128 GLCD (128px x 64px)
  • EA-DOGM132 GLCD (132px x 32px)
  • EA-DOGL128 GLCD (128px x 64px)
  • EA-DOGXL160 GLCD (160px x 104px)
  • EA-DOGXL240 GLCD (240px x 128px)
  • can be easily adapted for other displays with similar characteristics

Since no graphics ram is used, the memory footprint is rather small but also does not allow to change single pixels. Data written to the LCD can not be read back! Because of that, no drawing functions (lines, circles) are included. Thanks to Oliver Schwaneberg for adding several functions to this library!

font .c/.h

Font Generator designed for GLCD with memory organized in vertical bytes

Own character sets or symbols can easily be added: The structure of font data is compatible with Hagen Reddmanns FontEditor when using the attached template_simplefont.c and template_simplefont.h files, saving in uncompressed format and using font heights of multiples of 8.

Fixed width fonts are treated as proportional fonts, but do not have a table for the width of each character (D'OH!)

When using with other GLCDs, make sure the byte orientation of the LCDs memory matches the design of the ea-dogm series or link the LCD access functions (see header file) to functions converting the data.

lcd-color-graphic .c/.h

An alternative lcd library controlling a LCD with an ILI9341 driver in 16 Bit color mode using 4-wire SPI or any other display with similar features. Just use this file instead of dogm-graphic. The function lcd_write_font_byte() provides the conversion from the font-generator byte format to the format used by the display.


A template file to be used with Hagen Reddmanns FontEditor to create compatible fonts.


Library for EA-DOG LCDs, including font-generator (also usable with color LCD)




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