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MagicWand makes your input devices context sensitive!

It lets you define application-specific keyboard shortcuts and mouse events to trigger actions like keystroke emulation, command execution or even DBus method calls.

This means you can make your horizontal wheel behave differently for different applications: make it switch tabs when your browser is focused, but control the volume when your music player is active.

Note: MagicWand currently only works on Linux with evdev and Xorg!


Make sure you have a working Go environment (Go 1.7 or higher is required). See the install instructions.

To install MagicWand, simply run:

go get


Edit the config file and adjust it to your needs. First things first, tell MagicWand which input devices to operate on. You can either match them by their name or directly specify an input device file. For example:

  "devices": [
      "name": "MX Master"
      "dev": "/dev/input/event6"

This will match two devices and makes MagicWand react to input events from:

  1. Any device with the string "MX Master" in its name
  2. The device /dev/input/event6

Next tell MagicWand which events to react upon:

  "rules": [
      "application": "Firefox",
      "hwheel": 1,
      "action": {
        "keycode": "42-29-15"

In plain english, this means: if the currently focused application is Firefox and you scroll left with the horizontal mouse wheel, emulate a keyboard stroke Ctrl-Shift-Left (keycodes 42, 29 and 15): this makes Firefox jump to the previous tab.

Another example would be defining global shortcuts for certain mouse buttons:

      "application": "!Firefox",
      "keycode": "276",
      "action": {

This translates to: if the currently focused application is anything but Firefox and the forward mouse button was pressed (keycode 276), trigger an action.

Actions can not only be keystrokes (as in the example above), but you can also use them to execute a command:

      "action": {
        "exec": "pactl set-sink-volume 0 +5%"

Last but not least, actions let you call DBus methods:

      "action": {
        "dbus": {
          "object": "org.kde.KWin",
          "path": "/KWin",
          "method": "org.kde.KWin.previousDesktop"

Once you're done, start MagicWand:

$ magicwand

There are config examples for a few devices in the configs directory. You can try them out by starting magicwand with the -config argument:

$ magicwand -config ./configs/logitech_mxmaster.json


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