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Package for a completely event-driven device/user presence tracker for Home Assistant on an OpenWRT/LEDE access point.


Listens on hostapd wifi association events and then initiates appropriate service calls to the configured Home Assistant instance. On AP-STA-CONNECTED or AP-STA-POLL-OK the device is marked as seen with a timeout set by the timeout_conn config option. If an AP-STA-DISCONNECTED event is received, it is marked as seen with a timeout of timeout_disc.

Since restarting your access points removes any scripts connected via hostapd_cli -a, this package includes a daemon which monitors ubus for added APs so restarting/reconfiguring your radios doesn't kill the service.


A docker image is provided for convenience of generating an OpenWRT package without having to set up the build environment. Simply run docker-compose run pkgbuild. If successful, the created package will be located in build/bin/packages/<ARCH>/packages/. If your UID is not 1000, you may need to chmod 777 build/bin.


Simply opkg install hass once it is added to the OpenWRT repositories. Until then, download a package from releases and opkg install <downloaded_file>. Then you can modify /etc/config/hass to your liking and start/enable the service via service hass start and service hass enable.

Note on missed events

If Home Assistant or the OpenWRT access point is restarted frequently or unreliable in other ways, you should reduce the very long default timeout for connected devices, since a disconnect event may be missed. However, since association events for connected devices can happen as infrequently as every 2-4 hours, you might want to then add a cronjob which synchronizes the state to Home Assistant at least twice as often as your timeout for connected devices timeout_conn. A good value for this might be a timeout of 1 hour and a sync every 30 minutes. The cronjob should look like:


source /lib/
config_load hass

source /usr/lib/hass/

This ensures that missed disconnect events do not spuriously keep the device present for more than an hour. This will be implemented by default in a future version or via an OpenWRT DeviceScanner in Home Assistant.