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Muffsy Relay Input Selector 4

This open source (BSD license) project contains Arduino Code, PlatformIO code, Patched IRremote.h, Autodesk Eagle PCB project files

The Muffsy Relay Input Selector is a simple, reliable, high quality, DIY stereo input selector that's controlled by an ESP-32 and is slightly larger than a Post-IT note.

This kit is meant to be paired with a preamplifier circuit, such as the Muffsy BSTRD Class-A Tube Preamp, Pass Labs B1 and many others.

This project, including the schematic and board layout, is open source. It's licensed under the very permissive BSD 3-Clause "New" or "Revised" License.

A note on the IRremote.h library:

The IR receiver can now be turned on and off, using "irrecv.enableIRIn(true);" and "irrecv.enableIRIn(false);" instead of the library's default "irrecv.enableIRIn();".

The reason for this is that any attempt to write to nvram while the IR receiver is turned on will send the ESP-32 into a reboot loop. The code for the Muffsy Relay Input Selector turns off the IR receiver right before writing to nvram, and turns the IR receiver on again when the nvram write operation has ended.

PlatformIO now supported:

The PlatformIO folder is a fully self-contained project for the Muffsy Relay Input Selector. All dependencies are included, so there's no more need for installing the IRremote.h library manually.

Installing PlatformIO:


Arduino: Muffsy Relay Input Selector




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