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Node RED multi-instance manager
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redzilla manage multiple instances of node-red


Start the service with docker-compose, by default it will run on port 3000

docker-compose up -d

Create a new instance named hello-world

curl -X POST http://redzilla.localhost:3000/v2/instances/hello-world

Open in the browser

xdg-open http://hello-world.redzilla.localhost:3000/


Using custom images

ImageName option allow to use local or remote custom images. Example:

  • ImageName: Use the latest online version
  • ImageName: mycustom/nodered:latest Use the mycustom/nodered local image


See config.example.yml for configuration options.

Environment variables

  • REDZILLA_NETWORK (default: redzilla) set the network where node-red instances will run
  • REDZILLA_APIPORT (default: :3000) changes the API host:port to listen for
  • REDZILLA_DOMAIN (default: redzilla.localhost) set the base domain to listen for
  • REDZILLA_IMAGENAME (default: nodered/node-red-docker) changes the node-red image to be spawn (must be somehow compatible to the official one)
  • REDZILLA_STOREPATH (default: ./data/store) file store for the container runtime metadata
  • REDZILLA_INSTANCEDATAPATH (default: ./data/instances) container instaces data (like setting.js and flows.json)
  • REDZILLA_LOGLEVEL (default: info) log level detail
  • REDZILLA_AUTOSTART (default: false) allow to create a new instance when reaching an activable subdomain
  • REDZILLA_ENVPREFIX (empty by default) filter environment variables by prefix and pass to the created instance. Empty means no ENV are passed. The ${PREFIX}_ string will be removed from the variable name before passing to the instance. Example NODERED will match NODERED_, RED will match REDZILLA_ and RED_
  • REDZILLA_CONFIG load a configuration file (see config.example.yml for reference)


List instances

curl -X GET http://redzilla.localhost:3000/v2/instances

Create or start an instance

curl -X POST http://redzilla.localhost:3000/v2/instances/instance-name

Restart an instance (stop + start)

curl -X POST http://redzilla.localhost:3000/v2/instances/instance-name

Stop an instance

curl -X DELETE http://redzilla.localhost:3000/v2/instances/instance-name


To run redzilla you need docker and docker-compose installed.


The MIT license. See LICENSE file for details

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