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DeepaMehta 4 CSV Importer

A simple CSV importer to import and update flat topic compositions in DeepaMehta 4.



  • delimiter: | (default)
  • data type: Text


You can find the recommended (not-SNAPSHOT) versions of this plugin bundled for your DeepaMehta 4 version in the following download directory


  • DeepaMehta 4 4.7
  • Write access to dm4.filerepo.path (see DM4 file)


The plugin adds an Import CSV command to all Topic Type-Topics, which are those with a blue square as an icon.

Import some topics from a CSV file

To create some Note topics use a CSV file (a simple text-file) structured like the following:

csv.example | dm4.notes.title | dm4.notes.text
one         | check this      | with content
two         | check this too  | and with another content

You could then upload this file through using the Import CSV command of the Note topic type. For each line, beginning at the second, there will be a Note created in your DeepaMehta 4 installation.

Alternatively: A CSV file to import some Web Resource topics would need its contents structured like the following:

deep.web | dm4.webbrowser.url        | dm4.webbrowser.web_resource_description
site     |  | <h1>DeepaMehta</h1><p class="slogan">Cope With Complexity</p>
demo     | | <h1>Demo Server</h1><p>try it now</p>
ci       |   | <h1>Continuous Integration</h1><p>fresh nightly builds</p>

Update existing topics

To update all instances of a topic type just import the modified CSV file again, but be aware of these rules:

  • existing topic is updated by a URI match
  • row without a matching topic URI creates a new topic instance
  • existing topic instance with a type URI and no actual row match is deleted

CSV Format Description

  • topic URI prefix as the first entry (row: 0, col: 0)
  • all direct child topics are the remaining header columns
  • one topic per row with topic URI suffix in the first column


Danny Graf, Malte Reißig 2013-2015


DeepaMehta 4 CSV Importer



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