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DeepaMehta 4 Mail Plugin

SMTP Mail plugin



The plugin introduces the Topic Type Mail and a Mail Configuration (with default settings) to your DeepaMehta 4 installation.

Configure Global and Mail Preferences

Edit the Mail Configuration Topic associated with the "DeepaMehta 4 Mail" Plugin Topic.

There you can change the value for Mail Transfer Agent Host and choose a default From contact for mails send.

You can also change the default Recipient Type and the list of Topic Types used during autocompletion.

Note: After each change to the configuration you have to use the Reload command the Topic provides.


Configure a user specific sender through Signatures

Create a Person Topic for yourself and assign an (at least one) Email Address value to it.

Then create a Signature Topic and assign your Person (contact) Topic to it.

Now reveal your User Account Topic and Edit it. In the From field you can now assign your Signature as the defaulf sender for all your Mails.

user configuration

Create and Send a Mail

To write a mail to a specific Person or Institution use the Write Mail command in their context menu.

Additionally you can just Create a new Mail and add Recipients manually.

In both cases, like in any other mail program, you can edit the recipient list just through typing the names of your contacts, an autocompletion search helps you to do so.


  • You can use the <TAB> key to select an additional recipient from the result list
  • <ENTER> submits the page and switches in the view mode

You can also have a look at the Keyboard interaction section of the underlying jQuery UI component

write mail

Release History

0.3.3, Dec 20, 2016

  • Maintenance release: Make configurable search types work with dm4-gamechangers (Their model using of "Person Name" indeed broke this plugins type def accessor logic)

0.3.2, Nov 16, 2016

  • Adapted to DeepaMehta 4.8 (attachments dialog, completed Migration3)
  • Revised labels in mail Form

0.3.1, Apr 25, 2016

  • No improvments usability or feature wise
  • DeepaMehta 4.7 compatible: handles per-workspace file-iepositories

0.3.0-SNAPSHOT, Aug 28, 2015

  • DeepaMehta 4.4.x compatible ..

0.2.1, Dec 07, 2014

  • fixes: re-usage of aggregated e-mail address values
  • fixes: "Send Again" feature (signatures and recipient types remain unique)
  • fixes: a more robust autocomplete-function (NullPointer was thrown occasionally)
  • DeepaMehta 4.3 compatible


Danny Graf and Malte Reißig 2012-2016


DeepaMehta 4 Mail Plugin







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