Convert numbers into words in Indonesian language
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Convert numbers into words in Indonesian language.


Download composer.phar if you don't have one. Then run it from terminal.

php composer.phar require "nasution/terbilang: *"

Or, you can put into your composer.json file.

"require": {
  "nasution/terbilang": "*"

Then run composer update

php composer.phar update



require 'vendor/autoload.php';

$terbilang = new Nasution\Terbilang();
echo $terbilang->convert(234);        // dua ratus tiga puluh empat

// OR with static method

echo Nasution\Terbilang::convert(42); // empat puluh dua

You can import that class to make it more simple to called


require 'vendor/autoload.php';

use Nasution\Terbilang;

$terbilang = new Terbilang();
echo $terbilang->convert(2014);    // dua ribu empat belas

// OR with static method

echo Terbilang::convert('123304'); // seratus dua puluh tiga ribu tiga ratus empat

Another example

echo Terbilang::convert('1000000');          // satu juta
echo Terbilang::convert('1000000000');       // satu milyar
echo Terbilang::convert('1000000000000');    // satu triliun
echo Terbilang::convert('1000000000000000'); // satu kuadriliun

You can also use dot notation to separate the numbers

echo Terbilang::convert('1.300.000');       // satu juta tiga ratus ribu
echo Terbilang::convert(''); // seratus milyar tiga puluh juta dua puluh ribu sepuluh