Set::Relation - A relation data type for Perl
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by Darren Duncan <>


This distribution features the Perl 5 or 6 (depending on which copy of this
README file you are reading) module named Set::Relation (Relation data type
for Perl) and its support structure.

Set::Relation has 2 co-developed versions, which are written in native
Perl 5 and Perl 6 respectively, and which are distributed separately from
each other.  But while the 2 versions would be similar, they are explicitly
not intended to be drop-in substitutable for each other, as each would have
some API differences that optimizes it for its host language.  The actual
Muldis D language specification document will be identical for both,

The Perl 5 version is intended to be the primary version during the present
time, as Perl 5 itself is stable, production-ready, and commonly used now.
Eventually the Perl 6 version is expected to supercede it, once Perl 6
itself has implementations that are production-ready and in common use.

That all being said, development of the Perl 6 version has been temporarily
suspended, to focus resources on the Perl 5 version, and therefore the Perl
6 version is likely out of date by the time you read this.  In the future,
the more-advanced Perl 5 version will be translated to Perl 6 again, either
to re-establish their parallel development, or just to provide snapshots.

Read below for how to get support or keep up to date.


If you want to read all the Set::Relation documentation that exists now in
this distribution, I recommend doing so in this order:

   1.       README
   2. (opt) Changes
   3.       lib/Set/
   4.       lib/Set/Relation/
   5.       lib/Set/Relation/
   6. (opt) TODO

Then you can carry on with anything else.

You may prefer the nicely HTML-formatted versions of the above, which are
available at "".


My module set is constantly under development.  The canonical copies are
all linked to through my personal website, "",
or through my business website, "".

For those of you that are interested in the bleeding edge of development, I
have all parts of the Set::Relation project in one or more public
repositories.  The Perl 5 Set::Relation project is in a Git repository
whose public clone url is "git://" and
whose web information url is at "".
The Perl 6 Set::Relation project used to be in a Subversion repository for
the Perl 6 Pugs project but the host domain has since expired.

You can download slightly older versions of all of my modules from the
public CPAN archives at "", or
on my own web server at "".

CPAN also extracts the POD from modules and maintains that documentation in
an organized and searchable fashion.  Their main search site is at
"", and my own DUNCAND author page is at

The main CPAN search site url for Set::Relation for Perl 5 is
""; that is the url you should
link to presently if you want something to consider the "home page" of
Set::Relation; it is best to refer people there by default.

You can download my oldest tarred and gzipped distributions from BACKPAN,
at "", or from my
web server, at "", right back
to the libdwg 1.0, first released on 2000 July 23.


Several public email-based forums exist whose main topic is
the Muldis D language and its implementations, especially
the Muldis::D::RefEng reference implementation, but also
the Set::Relation module.  They exist so that users of Muldis D or
Muldis::D::RefEng can help each other, or so that help coming from the
projects' developers can be said once to many people, rather than
necessarily to each individually.  All of these you can reach via

Alternately, you can purchase more advanced commercial support for various
Muldis D implementations, particularly Muldis::D::RefEng, from its author by
way of Muldis Data Systems; see "" for details.


Share and Enjoy!