This project is all about two way transformation of JAX-RS-annotated Java code to RAML API description and back.
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The goal of RAML for JAX-RS is to provide a set of tools to work with these technologies in a way of being able to scaffold a JAVA + JAX-RS application based on an existing RAML API definition (Code Generation), or its roundtrip, generate the RAML API definition based on an existing JAVA + JAX-RS application (Documentation).


There are two projects:

NOTE: raml-to-jaxrs supports both RAML 0.8 and 1.0. jaxrs-to-raml supports RAML 1.0 only, to generate RAML 0.8, you can use version 1.3.x of raml-for-jax-rs.

Maven artifacts

Maven artifacts are available at:

Releases are also available on Maven Central.


If you are interested in contributing some code to this project, thanks! Please submit a Contributors Agreement acknowledging that you are transferring ownership.

To discuss this project:

  • bug/feature request: please file a github issue
  • If you're not sure: you can use the RAML forum or Slack