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🤱🏼 Compatibility library for deterministic initializers
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🤱🏼 Compatibility library for deterministic initializers

This is a workaround for dynamic libraries initializers not being properly sequenced (e.g. ELF bases shared library).

You must statically link this library with your executable. Ensure that global symbols are exported and that the whole library is linked to the executable and not optimized away by the linker.

Any participating shared library constructor uses

mulle_atinit( f, userinfo, priority);

to defer atinit to a later date. The function f will be called properly sequenced before main. userinfo will be passed as the only parameter. Use priority 0 normally. Use higher priorities to move initializers ahead or postpone with lower priorities.


This is a mulle-sde project.

It has it's own virtual environment, that will be automatically setup for you once you enter it with:

mulle-sde mulle-atinit

Now you can let mulle-sde fetch the required dependencies and build the project for you:

mulle-sde craft
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