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@@ -64,6 +64,20 @@ Currently, the following things have been changed since the Berlios's version:
* "Daniel <>" added support to toggle fullscreen status from the
command line.
+* Sonata now use the Python's `logging` module to log things instead of
+ print/sys.std[out|err].write/custom thing, which should render things more
+ uniform and customizable.
+ This is the `logging-support` branch.
+* I refactored how the MPD object is accessed in the code: the MPD client is now
+ a plain object with nice methods to access MPD functionality, which makes the
+ code sightly better to read. There's still some (hard) work to do to provide a
+ good looking and *uniform* access to the song's info (it's currently a
+ gigantic mess).
+ This is the `cleanup-mpd-object` branch.
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