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Multi-OS Engine Samples

The following samples are available for the Multi-OS Engine:

Name  Test Status Description
Calculator OK A cross platform calculator. Demonstrates simple techniques: work with buttons, performing actions.
CurrencyConverter OK Demonstrates how to open an URL and retrieve the content of that URL just using built-in Java* classes.
FastJNI OK Demonstrates the usage of Android's FastJNI.
HelloMaven OK Demonstrates how to use Multi-OS Engine in Maven environment.
InAppPurchase PARTIAL Demonstrates how to make purchases in your applications.
Notes: Android module does not compile, iOS works.
LibGDXMissileCommand OK Shows how to implement libGDX game.
LocalizedString OK Shows how to use iOS's localization APIs.
MuseumMap OK Sample is based on SimpleMap sample. This application demonstrates how to work with SQL DB.
Notes: Requires Google Maps API Key
Planets OK Demonstrates working with UI Kit graphics.
RssReader OK  Demonstrates use of HTTP and HTTPS using Java* API
SimpleChart OK A simple application displaying a chart using the Charts pod
Taxi FAIL A template for taxi app that allows to select an address on Google Map
Notes: Multiple issues, needs update.
TheElements OK Demonstrates reading content from XML file. Works with UITableView, adding cells, using scrolling. Example of Master-Detail view, loading images from assets, reacting to taps in views, flipping view content from front to back
TicTacToe OK Demonstrates a simple game creation technique without sprites. Using buttons and performing actions.