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Improve security reports

- Remove dummy issue template since GitHub now presents security
- Add version and operating system information to
- Use forum instead of email (this was discussed when I created the
  security report issue template).
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# Security Policy

## Supported Versions

Only the latest version of Multi Theft Auto is supported with security updates.

| Version | Supported |
| ------------------ | ------------------ |
| 1.5.6 | :white_check_mark: |
| 1.5.6 (xp/vista) | :white_check_mark: |
| < 1.5.6 | :x: |

Please consider upgrading to the latest version of Windows if you discover
security problems with Windows XP or Vista. Since April 2014 and April 2017, Microsoft
no longer provides security updates for both these operating systems, respectively.

1.5.7 will be the final release of Multi Theft Auto that supports
Windows XP and Windows Vista.

## Reporting a Vulnerability

Please submit your cheats or security vulnerabilities to @ccw or @Dutchman101 on Please do not submit them here.
Before disclosing a security vulnerability, please try to confirm
that they work with the latest version of Multi Theft Auto.

Please submit your security vulnerabilities to [@ccw] on

Cheats can also be submitted to [@ccw] or [@Dutchman101] on

Do not submit them publicly, on GitHub or anywhere else.

@ccw can be found here: or send email to
@Dutchman101 can be found here: or send email to

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