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Revert "Revert "Updated BASS libraries""

This re-introduces changes from 39f6c4d, as the feature freeze is over now.

*Updated BASS libraries*

Includes stability improvements;

- BASS.dll: Fix crash when AVRT.DLL is unavailable while using WASAPI or "no sound" output
- BASSWMA.dll: Fix crash caused by a failed realloc call
- BASS_AAC.dll: Prevent failing to allocate a download buffer for sound stream, resulting in a crash in BASS.dll.
Instead of crashing, it will now result in a BASS_ERROR_MEM.
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Dutchman101 committed Sep 2, 2019
1 parent 03b4914 commit e5ede83b936e0e3c59d3670969e72b9583c0a219
@@ -834,15 +834,15 @@ void CheckDataFiles()
const char* szMd5;
const char* szFilename;
} integrityCheckList[] = {{"16B23FA1D3F952F6FF8BB02DE0CD36A2", "bass.dll"},
{"56116E495EE5E74749F8DB37616B22EA", "bass_aac.dll"},
} integrityCheckList[] = {{"9946320CE991CEC2DB1D78726B87BCA0", "bass.dll"},
{"FFFEC557DC0FC8696D4E0248C619860C", "bass_aac.dll"},
{"BD43C88917D6234FF962B6E88B648B8C", "bass_ac3.dll"},
{"8B17186F19002C9D30A18D39FC8FEFA7", "bass_fx.dll"},
{"6673527EF2AE564A57DA6AED4A230819", "bassflac.dll"},
{"DD1AFB287DACC48C0C08CDB603D234AE", "bassmidi.dll"},
{"BA59B11522793EBC1D75C777CC598737", "bassmix.dll"},
{"4E35BA785CD3B37A3702E577510F39E3", "bassopus.dll"},
{"A535CBD18D342A628954D8A42A7B0438", "basswma.dll"},
{"07252BFB4B9A943B5B42809579536BE0", "basswma.dll"},
{"6E2C5DCF4EE973E69ECA39288D20C436", "tags.dll"},
{"309D860FC8137E5FE9E7056C33B4B8BE", "vea.dll"},
{"0602F672BA595716E64EC4040E6DE376", "vog.dll"},
Binary file not shown.
Binary file not shown.
Binary file not shown.

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replied Sep 2, 2019


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