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Fix relative paths for Murmur -ini switch

This ensures that the file passed to QSettings is an absolute path, to avoid issues with changing Murmur's working directory but keeping a relative ini path.

Fixes #2121
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John Marion authored and mkrautz committed Feb 21, 2016
1 parent 999b59b commit f5e03d6c7de336b600815e95a8db09718f923f08
Showing with 1 addition and 0 deletions.
  1. +1 −0 src/murmur/Meta.cpp
@@ -189,6 +189,7 @@ void MetaParams::read(QString fname) {
qFatal("Specified ini file %s could not be opened", qPrintable(fname));
qdBasePath = QFileInfo(f).absoluteDir();
fname = QFileInfo(f).absoluteFilePath();

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