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MessagePack for Cuis

MessagePack serialization library for various Smalltalk dialects.

For more info, please see the official repository:


Assuming Cuis 4.2 or higher.

Copy the 'Cuis-Smalltalk-MessagePack' folder to your Cuis root folder.

Open the workspace, then do it:

	Feature require: 'MessagePack-Core'.
	Feature require: 'MessagePack-Cuis-Core'.
	Feature require: 'MessagePackTest-Core'. "optional"

If you've installed MessagePackTest-Core, you can open "SUnit Test Runner" and see all-grean results.


  • Original msgpack-smalltalk supports UTF-8 string serialization/deserialization. Since Cuis currently only supports Latin-9 string, this feature is disabled. Please use ascii string if you think about interoperability.

  • Cuis port is derived from the 'development' branch of msgpack-smalltalk, which includes newer type support (Bin, Str, and Ext). Some newer APIs are liable to change.


Masashi Umezawa