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# This file specifies where Munin will look for things after you've
# run 'make' in the source directory. Modify it to suit your needs.
# DESTDIR is empty during building, and optionally set to point to
# a shadow tree during make install.
# the base of the Munin installation.
PREFIX = $(DESTDIR)/opt/munin
# Where Munin keeps its configurations (server.conf, client.conf, ++)
CONFDIR = $(DESTDIR)/etc/opt/munin
# Server only - where to put munin-cron
# Client only - where to put munin-node, munin-node-configure, and munin-run
# Where to put text and html documentation
# Where to put man pages
# Where to put internal binaries and plugin repository
# Server only - Output directory
HTMLDIR = $(PREFIX)/var/www
# Client only - Where to put RRD files and other intenal data
DBDIR = $(DESTDIR)/var/opt/munin
# Client only - Where plugins should put their states. Must be writable by
# group "munin", and should be preserved between reboots
PLUGSTATE = $(DBDIR)/plugin-state
# Where Munin should place its logs.
LOGDIR = $(DESTDIR)/var/log/munin
# Location of PID files and other statefiles. On the server, must be
# writable by the user "munin".
STATEDIR = $(DESTDIR)/var/run/munin
# The perl interpreter to use
PERL = $(shell which perl)
# The python interpreter to use (used by some plugins)
PYTHON = /usr/bin/env python
# Server only - Where to install the perl libraries
PERLLIB = $(DESTDIR)$(shell $(PERL) -V:sitelib | cut -d= -f2 | sed "s/[\';]//g")
# Client only - Install plugins for this architecture
OSTYPE = $(shell uname | tr '[A-Z]' '[a-z]')
# How to figure out the hostname. (Only used in default configuration
# files)
HOSTNAME = $(shell hostname)
# Munin version number.
VERSION = $(shell cat RELEASE)
# User to run munin as
USER = munin
GROUP = munin
# Default user to run the plugins as
# Which command to use to check if the USER and GROUP to run Munin as, exists.
GETENT = $(shell which getent || which true 2>/dev/null)
CHECKUSER = $(shell $(GETENT) passwd $(USER) >/dev/null 2>/dev/null || (echo "echo User $(USER) nonexistant. Create the user and retry; exit 2"))
CHECKGROUP = $(shell $(GETENT) group $(GROUP) >/dev/null 2>/dev/null || (echo "echo Group $(GROUP) nonexistant. Create the group and retry; exit 2"))
CHOWN = chown
CHMOD = chmod
CHGRP = chgrp
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