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+munin-2.0.3, 2012-07-24
+A quite raw output of 'git shortlog' :
+Christian Ruppert:
+ nginx_{request,status}: include Munin::Plugin to fix version identifier.
+Christoph Biedl:
+ fix bug that disabled gfx CGI caching
+Dan McGee:
+ Force usage of the DM5 Date::Manip backend
+ Don't remove when invoking build-common target
+ Expand list of filesystems excluded in Linux df_inode plugin
+Daniel Kahn Gillmor:
+ slony_lag_: allow >1 subscribers
+Diego Elio Petteno:
+ ifx_concurrent_sessions_: allow ps and pgrep to be in /bin as well as /usr/bin
+ build: only move adv files if building on HP-UX.
+ build: install TTF files as non-executables
+ config: respect LIBDIR override.
+ build: only install Java plugin files if JCVALID=yes
+ df: exclude cgroup_root filesystem type as well.
+ Add build-doc-stamp to .gitignore.
+ master: bring back checks for graph_strategy set to cron.
+Jeremy Olexa:
+ config: make sure to translate correctly for C-locale only
+Steve Schnepp:
+ fix munin-graph typo in opening $graph_fh
+ port multigraph_complex to pure POSIX shell
+ doc: add "supersampling" plugins
+ doc: adding supersampling section
+ doc: changing markup
+ use cgiurl_graph config in dynazoom.html
+ use environment var for rrdcached
+ revert to the same naming than 1.4.x
+ makefile: added a comment on LANG
+ node: only use basename for $0
+ Makefile: move default rule to be the 1st one
+ directly compile to output dir
+ git: ignore more build assets
+Stig Sandbeck Mathisen:
+ Add documentation for writing a munin plugin.
+ Correct reStructuredText syntax warnings
+ Remove references we do not have targets for yet
+ Document the munin node
+ Add information about authorized_key hardening
+ restructure documentation, work in progress
+ Whitespace cleanup in the doc tree
+ Add munin-cgi-graph manpage
+ Add munin-cgi-html man page
+ Order the man pages alphabetically
+ Use correct reference
+ Set a max depth for the table of contents
+ Rename the graph aggregation directory appropriately
+ Write proper man pages, and ensure "make man" creates them
+ Add better description on the main index pages
+ Add a directory reference page
+ Remove plugin/aggregate, we have a replacement in examples/graph/aggregate
+ Clean up table of contents in reference/
+ Add "how to use plugins" page
+ Add munin-check man page
+ Add markup and links for the supersampling doc
munin-2.0.2, 2012-06-29
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