A multi-platform software synthesiser emulating (currently inaccurately) pre-GM MIDI devices such as the Roland MT-32, CM-32L, CM-64 and LAPC-I. In no way endorsed by or affiliated with Roland Corp.
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mt32emu is a C/C++ library which allows to emulate (approximately) the Roland
MT-32, CM-32L and LAPC-I synthesiser modules.

ALSA MIDI driver uses mt32emu to provide ALSA MIDI interface for Linux applications (now obsolete).

Patch for official DOSBox release v.0.74 to demonstrate a possibility to add mt32 MIDI device.

mt32emu-smf2wav makes use of mt32emu to produce a WAVE file from an SMF file.
The output file corresponds a digital recording from a Roland MT-32, CM-32L and LAPC-I
synthesiser module.

Windows driver that provides for creating MIDI output port and transferring MIDI messages
to mt32emu_qt, the main UI-enabled synthesiser application. It also contains mt32emu engine
and is able to operate in stand-alone mode if the main application mt32emu_qt is unavailable.

A tool intended to fascilitate installation / upgrade of the Windows driver mt32emu_win32drv.

Main synthesiser application. It makes use of mt32emu and Qt to provide for:

1) Multiple simultaneous synths, GUI to configure synths, manage ROMs and connections
2) Funny LCD
3) Easy usage in different operating system environments:
   Windows multimedia, PulseAudio, ALSA, OSS and CoreMIDI supported
4) Play and record Standard MIDI files
5) Perform batch conversion of Standard MIDI files directly to .wav / .raw audio files

Files related to FreeBSD port of munt.