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SNESoIP: The SNES Wi-Fi adapter


In the first revisions I made some design flaws. Looking back, it's difficult for me to understand why it worked so well. However, this time I want to make it technically correct. Therefore is the project is currently in a state of re-design.


The SNESoIP (SNES over IP) is a Wi-Fi adapter for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System which is also known as Super NES, SNES or Super Nintendo. It is basically a fully bi-directional, open-source, proof-of-concept, Wi-Fi adapter, designed to connect a SNES to another console and/or a special network service.

Possible applications would be bulletin board systems, multi-user dungeons, IRC, etc.

SNESoIP prototype

I'm not planning to build and/or sell these devices but the device should be fairly easy to recreate. Especially because I try to use parts that are cheap and widely available.

I also highly recommend to use this project only in combination with a flash cartridge like the sd2snes or the Super Everdrive.

If you want to help with the further development of this project, join us on our Discord server or in the Retro.Live community.


It's not the project's main goal to support existing SNES games. It rather provides the technology that can be used to develop custom homebrew applications such as multi-user dungeons, bulletin board systems, etc.

However, it is possible.

Project History

The SNESoIP is, so to speak, my never-ending long-term project, which I started on 29 July 2013 and have taken up again and again since then.

The last time I put the project down was shortly before the birth of my son. The following years were strenuous; the new role as family father, the death of my best friend Ertugrul Söylemez, and frankly, I never intended to resume the project at all. Nevertheless, the project had a big impact on my life and was, in a manner of speaking, the foundation for my career as a software developer for embedded systems.

As you can imagine, this project is personal. And I always had the urge to finish what I started almost 6 years ago.

We'll see how it goes.

Press and Media

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2013-04-10: pantalytron (Archive)


The new hardware design will be based on a ESP32 microcontroller by Espressif Systems.

Licence and Credits

This project is licenced under the "THE BEER-WARE LICENCE".

The IRC client is based on sic, an extremely simple IRC client and is licenced under the terms of the MIT/X Consortium License.

See the file for details.

"Nintendo" is a registered trademark of Nintendo of America Inc.


The SNES Wi-Fi adapter




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