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Post-quantum crypto implementations for the FPGAs


The pqhw implementations are a result of the PQCRYPTO project funded by the European Commission in the H2020 program. Note that these are research oriented implementations and not ready for productive use. It is published under the license contained in the license.rtf file and allows evaluation by academics but no commercial use. Please contact the authors if you intend to use this implementation for other purposes than academic evaluation and verification of our results. The implementations are distributed in the hope that they will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE.

Schemes included in pqhw

Currently pqhw contains implementations of the following post-quantum NIST PQC candidates:

Currently pqhw contains implementations of the following post-quantum schemes that are not NIST PQC candidates:


  • NewHope was tested with Vivado v2015.3 but should also work with other version of Vivado.
  • BLISS was tested with ISE 14.7 but should also work with other version of ISE.
  • You can find further information and a copy of the paper and other works on our project website.

Running tests and benchmarks

  • To see NewHope in action run the Test_NewHope.vhd testbench.
  • To see BLISS in action run the bliss_sign_then_verify_tb.vhd testbench. Edit the generics to simulate different parameter sets. Some fixed paths might not work (relative is also not an option). Please fix them when you see the error messages.


scheme implementation LUT FF BRAM DSP MHz Cycles
NewHope-1024 server 5,142 4,452 4 2 125 171,124
NewHope-1024 client 4,498 4,635 4 2 117 179,292
BLISS-I SignHuff_CDT 7,193 6,420 5.5 5 139 15,864
BLISS-I Sign_BER 8,313 7,932 5 7 142 15,840
BLISS-III Sign_CDT 6,397 6,179 6.5 5 133 27,547
BLISS-IV Sign_CDT 6,438 6,198 7 5 135 47,528
BLISS-I VerifyHuff 5,065 4,312 4 3 166 16,346
BLISS-I Verify 4,366 3,887 3 3 172 9,607
BLISS-III Verify 4,298 3,867 3 3 172 9,628
BLISS-IV Verify 4,356 3,886 3 3 171 9,658


  • The License for NewHope can be found in NewHope/license.rtf
  • The License for BLISS can be found in BLISS/lattice_processor/license.rtf


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