🎵 A free and open-source streaming music web player using data from Reddit
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music player for reddit

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A free and open-source streaming music web player using data from Reddit.


Installation from source

$ git clone https://github.com/musicplayer-io/redditmusicplayer.git
$ cd redditmusicplayer
$ npm install

$ cp server/config/reddit.coffee.sample server/config/reddit.coffee
# edit server/config/reddit.coffee

$ cp src/coffee/config.coffee.sample src/coffee/config.coffee
# edit src/coffee/config.coffee

// In development
$ grunt
$ npm start

// In production
$ grunt build
$ NODE_ENV=production npm start


You'll need a Reddit API key for this to work. As well as a running redis-server on port 6379.

Getting API keys


SoundCloud API key. Then edit it in src/coffee/config.coffee.


Get the API key - Only required for authentication. You can set an API key for development and production separately in server/config.reddit.coffee.


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GPLv3 © 2014-2015 Ilias Ismanalijev