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LICENSE nologo Jul 28, 2018


PEDA-MIPS - Python Exploit Development Assistance for GDB


Key Features:

  • Just support all commands on original PEDA (except the part of shellcode)
  • Use help peda to show all the peda help

Updated Features:

  • Add source code context (if it has source code)
  • Add system call detect
  • Support MIPS style jump instructions (b*/cbz) detect
  • Support full arm/thumb assemble
  • Add plugin framework. Now you can write your own plugins easily based on peda command
  • Add multiple welcome logos (Your gdb need to support zlib)
  • Enhance display. Make the length of the separation lines auto detect (Image is too large to display. Just find out yourself)
  • Support both remote and local debug
  • And so many features that I don't remember


    git clone ~/peda-mips
    echo "source ~/peda-mips/" >> ~/.gdbinit
    echo "DONE! debug your program with gdb and enjoy"
    echo "If you have any suggestions please leave me a message"

Tips: These features are also supported on my own peda repo

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