Dependency Injection for Gemini JPA
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Add the ability to inject EntityManagers for a certain persistence unit in Eclipse 4.

EntityManager em;

There are even more configurable modes like

@GeminiPersistenceContext(unitName="puTest", properties = {
 @GeminiPersistenceProperty(name=PersistenceUnitProperties.JDBC_DRIVER, value=""),
 @GeminiPersistenceProperty(name=PersistenceUnitProperties.JDBC_URL, value="jdbc:mysql://"),
 @GeminiPersistenceProperty(name=PersistenceUnitProperties.JDBC_USER, value="test"),
 @GeminiPersistenceProperty(name=PersistenceUnitProperties.JDBC_PASSWORD, value="test"),
 @GeminiPersistenceProperty(name=PersistenceUnitProperties.DDL_GENERATION, value=PersistenceUnitProperties.DROP_AND_CREATE),
 @GeminiPersistenceProperty(name=PersistenceUnitProperties.DDL_GENERATION_MODE, value=PersistenceUnitProperties.DDL_DATABASE_GENERATION),
 @GeminiPersistenceProperty(name=PersistenceUnitProperties.CONNECTION_POOL_MIN, value="20"),
 @GeminiPersistenceProperty(name=PersistenceUnitProperties.TEMPORAL_MUTABLE, value="true"),
 @GeminiPersistenceProperty(name=PersistenceUnitProperties.WEAVING, value="false"),
 @GeminiPersistenceProperty(name=PersistenceUnitProperties.WEAVING_INTERNAL, value="false"),
 @GeminiPersistenceProperty(name=PersistenceUnitProperties.LOGGING_LEVEL, value="FINEST"),
 @GeminiPersistenceProperty(name=PersistenceUnitProperties.LOGGING_TIMESTAMP, value="true"),
 @GeminiPersistenceProperty(name=PersistenceUnitProperties.LOGGING_SESSION, value="true"),
 @GeminiPersistenceProperty(name=PersistenceUnitProperties.LOGGING_THREAD, value="true"),
 @GeminiPersistenceProperty(name=PersistenceUnitProperties.LOGGING_EXCEPTIONS, value="true")
private EntityManager entityManager;

Sample Application

The sample application contains three sample database which can be connected to:

  • Apache Derby
  • Apache HSQL
  • MySQL

If you want only one to start you have to change the org.e4.gemini.rcp plugin.xml and remove the required plugins. For each database you have to install, or add to target platform, certain Gemini Bundles.

Apache Derby

Apache Derby is a database written in java. It supports an embedded mode, so you can start it within the application.

Download Gemini DBAccess and add this to your target platform.

Apache HSQL

HSQL is a database written in Java. It supports an embedded mode, so you can start it within the application.

To run HSQL you have to checkout this repository on the hsql branch and import the dbaccess and hsql library bundle.


MySQL is a well-known database. You have to start your own server to connect with the sample application. The predefined credentials are:

  1. Host:
  2. Database: test
  3. User: test
  4. Password: test

Make sure the test user has full priveliges in order to execute drop-and-create-database correctly.

To use the MySQL Connector you have to clone this repository Currently you have to change a bit of code according to this bug report

Work done by

This repository contains the work done by Filipp A. and Nepomuk Seiler. See Gemini Forum Post for more information.