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Riot.js demo application

This is a demo single-page demo application made with Riot.js. It's a generic skeleton for an administration panel that shows the core concepts of modular client side development.


  • actually something useful, just fork it and extend it to your needs
  • plain and minimal UI
  • authentication and session management
  • small: ~10kb minified, including Riot (4kb gzipped)
  • optional caching of server side requests

Modular architecture

  • one global variable admin to build modules
  • modules can be included in no specific order (*.js)
  • modules can be renamed/removed/modified on without breaking the app
  • backend agnostic
  • easy to maintain and extend, good for multiple developers


  • Real API: try for example admin().load("customers") on console
  • Promise based server calls for more fluent error handling
  • Use app name to extend instead of a framework name: admin(callback)


  • real backend (firebase, hosted server, to be decided...)
  • realtime channel
  • tests for both UI and API layer
  • documented API, including events


Hit following commands to run the administration panel on the console

bower install
npm install
./make.js gen
open index.html
./make.js watch

You should be able to modify JS and Stylus files and the concatenation and pre-compilation is automatically taken care of. Check make.js for more other targets than watch.

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