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This README file contains information for data associated with Van Nuland & Whitlow (2014) "Temporal effects on biodiversity and composition of arthropod communities along an urbanÐrural gradient".

Three areas were sampled in this study: Cougar Mountain Regional Wildland Park (rural), Seward Park (suburban), and the campus of Seattle University (urban). The datasheet contains sites that were sampled from within these three areas. Note that 2009 sites are not identical to 2010 and 2011 sites.

Seward Park most recent land-use change: 1911. Further information on the land-use history of Seward Park:

Seattle University most recent land-use change: 1931 (though completed and ongoing building and landscape renovations occurred throughout the study period). Further information on the land-use history of Seattle University:

Distances between sites (km): Cougar-Seward = 10.8 Seward-SeattleU = 8.1 Cougar-SeattleU = 18.5

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